Starting My Blog/Finding Your Magnificence

Synopsis: My process of starting my blog and the importance of sharing yourself with the world i.e. the discovery of your magnificence. 

Welcome! I am not exactly sure who I am welcoming, I guess in a simple sense I am just welcoming myself. Welcoming myself to the world of blogging and to the start of putting my thoughts out into the world. Honestly beginning a blog is actually a very intimidating process. I have absolutely no knowledge on how to blog, pretty sure my mom used to have a blog actually I am pretty sure all moms had a blog at one point. Figuring everything out is quite frustrating, I keep wondering how I am even going to be able to post this I am not seeing any “publish” button hmm I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. However, this type of thing is right up my alley I love finding new ways to express myself, put who I am out out in this gigantic and wonderful world. It is so important to give the world a taste of you, my philosophy is that we are all humans placed on this earth to do something magnificent. By magnificent I don’t mean a completely flashy life, I mean a life with purpose. I want to make my life mean something, to be a person that I will be proud of. To be able to look back and think, “Wow I lived one heck of a good life” and life is good. Life is entirely what you make it so find who you are, do what you love and one day you’ll find that you have stumbled upon your magnificence.

K. Marian Mabey


The Ocean

Synopsis: A memoir about our ocean, his passion and the cruelty of reality.

– March 4, 2016 –

In the spring of sophomore year we had a place.  It was one of those places where you go and time stands still. The only place I have ever been where the world feels small, where nothing matters except being there, in that moment, with him.

My heart pounds with excitement as he grabs my door and I hop up into his truck. He’s told me about this place a million times and this is the first time he decided to take me. He walks around to his side and pulls himself in, starts the car and we’re off. We talked, talking with him was simple, it was easy. I loved it. He leans over and turns on the radio, there was not a time we drove where we didn’t have music playing, oh he was so passionate about music. I loved that. However, tonight I got the aux I picked a song we both loved, Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful. Boy did we jam out, we sung just as loud as our voices would allow. After nearly twenty minutes of music and some good conversation, he signals and rolls his big chevy off the side of the road and onto a small dirt area. Eagerly stepping out onto the rocky dirt the cool March air hits my face. I scope out my unfamiliar surroundings as he walks around to my side of the truck to meet me, he takes my hand. I loved that. We walk up to the curb of the street and wait until all of the headlights disappear. Once the road is clear we run across and walk on until we’re up against what appears to be a picnic pavilion area. He takes one look at me then starts climbing, I watch as he gracefully makes his way up onto the roof then turns around as if it was as easy as breathing. First just let me just say, I’m not quite as competent when it comes to scaling buildings but he was beautifully patient. He smiles at me and begins coaching me up to join him. Cautiously and might I add very slowly, yes there might have been some butt scooting due to fear of heights, I finally arrive on top of the roof beside him. We make our way to the highest point, where the roof peaks, and lay down next to each other. The roof feels cool and even though it really is not the most comfortable place to lay it is so worth it. We lean our heads back off the tip of the roof, and stare. Stare into the distance and wait until our minds flip the world upside down. The sky turns into a vast, dark ocean and the twinkling city lights flip and line the bay.

My mind is invigorated, amazed that fifteen miles can turn into a place far away from my little cocoon of Murray, Utah. I’m on the coast staring into the ocean. Everything about the world seems far from me, everything except him.

We lay there talking about anything, about everything. This is one of those moments, where you feel so completely and utterly alive. This is the moment I realized just how special this person was, he was unlike anyone I had ever known. What he did seemed simple, he took me to a place he thought was pretty cool and talked to me about the things he liked, little did he know he sparked something inside of me. He didn’t just talk about things he liked but he spoke in such a way that I felt alive just by being around him. He taught me passion, he didn’t just like things he was passionate about everything he loved. His mind was a beautiful mess of thoughts that captivated me completely. He felt things so deeply and his words hung in the air in a manner that made me feel something I had never felt before in my life, passion. His passion was contagious and it made me crave that feeling of being in love with the things I found interesting, it made my heart long for my own passion. My mind finally felt interesting, like I had something to offer the world, he made me think and view the world in a perfectly opposite way. I loved that.

But sadly, we couldn’t stay there all night eventually we had to sit up. The world comes flooding back as we climb down. We remember we aren’t by the ocean. We get back into his car, he plays his Fleetwood Mac and I fall asleep. The night was perfect and I loved it. But the truth is we were never seaside we were just kidding ourselves; escaping the world will never last forever, eventually reality will always set in. Sad to say, but more often then not reality is a cruel thing and inevitably it tends to win, as it did in our case. Simply put, we don’t go there anymore.

K. Marian Mabey

My Sunset

You were my sunset, slowly at first but with one blink the sky is on fire.

You lit my world on fire, left me in awe.

But eventually every sunset peaks.

We peaked.

Everything that once was, the colors the feelings the light, slipped away.

It faded into nothing.

You were my sunset but ultimately every sunset ends with a dark sky.

And that’s sad because how is it that something so beautiful can be so fleeting?

K. Marian Mabey

One Liners

Explanation: My favorite “One Liners” (self and non self created) that inspire my writing.

You were my sunset.

Caring hurts, but it makes you feel something.

Don’t live sheltered.

We’re dreamers stuck wishing away reality.

Time always runs out.

Too late to try too broken to move on. (Ron Pope)

There is power in simply living.

Falling feels like flying till you hit the ground. (Chris Stapleton)

Humans are good creatures.

K. Marian Mabey


Subsequently your life will fall apart

you’ll be a mess and feel broken.

That is perfectly inevitable.


eventually everything will come back together,

you will heal.

You are bound to fall apart and you are bound to come back together.

It is unavoidable, so why waste time worrying about those days.

Forget them.

Live in the now.

K. Marian Mabey

Bold Living/Beautiful Souls

Synopsis: My take on the need for heartbreak, not sheltering yourself and building your beautiful soul.

I used to hate the thought of heartbreak, the idea that I won’t always have a simple life, that I might hurt one day, it frightened me to think that I won’t always be whole. But I have discovered that just because I’m a tad bit broken does not mean that I’m not any less, if anything I’m better. Every heartbreak brings you closer to the person you will become. Your sorrow and trials do nothing but build you. Embrace them, feel them, don’t suppress those emotions but welcome them. Let yourself feel everything for it is so much better to hurt than to feel nothing at all. You’re heart will break a million times, in a billion different ways don’t let that consume you but let yourself grow, strive to become the best version of you. I believe that hardships are the first step to good. Have faith that good will come because trust me it always will even in the simplest of ways. My perspective has really shifted I have found that I’m more afraid of not living, not feeling every painfully beautiful emotion that this world has to offer. Live boldly and don’t be afraid of a little heartbreak, it builds you, it’s good for the soul and there’s no telling what you can do with a beautiful soul.

K. Marian Mabey

The Significance of Yellow Paint

Explanation: So as I was looking through Pinterest one day I came across a piece of writing all about Vincent Van Gogh and his consumption of yellow paint. I found it interesting but it was also very sad I wanted to make it something different. So here is what I came up with. Enjoy!

It has been rumored that Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous and influential artists of all time, used to eat his yellow paint. It is said that he ate the paint in hopes of finally feeling happy. Most people will find that rather odd and an unappealing thing to do, also you can probably imagine the harmful aftermath of taking the awful toxins into your body. However, i find it fascinating to think that someone so depressed, so broken by life would believe that painting his insides would be his remedy, he clung to the hope that something so insane would bring to him all that anyone wants in this world, happiness. Sadly consumption of yellow paint will not make you happy, but maybe you can be yellow paint. Yellow paint cannot be a cure-all antidote but the happiness you spread will always come back to you. Peace of mind comes only from painting others, not just yourself. Be the yellow paint and watch as your life fills with joy.

K. Marian Mabey


With the melancholy in your heart

and the thunder in your soul,

the chaos of you consumed me.

Caught in the whirlwind of everything you were,

I found myself lost.

Trapped, stuck down deep inside my own


Yet that is not the greatest catastrophe

the grandest calamity, the one disaster that can’t be worked through,

I would still run to you.

K. Marian Mabey